How do I register?

As of Spring 2020, we have now standardized to an online registration system called 6Crickets.  You will be able to register for all of your classes through this registration website.  To speed up the process, we highly recommend you create an account and have your child's registration information set up prior to the registration date and time.  Here are some tips for a successful registration:

  • Create a new account or log in to the 6Crickets website (links on the top right)

  • Once logged in, under My Account, click on Edit Students

  • Add New Student to add your child and provide all the necessary information.  If you have an existing account, make sure your child's information is up-to- date.  After you have completed all required information, it will show up as Complete.

  • Under My Profile, you can set up your credit card information to speed up the registration process

  • You can also use the My Profile section to opt-in or opt-out of email subscriptions (please note that you will be subscribed by default)

  • Review the 6Crickets Parent's Guide for more information on registration

  • To find the classes associated with John Stanford International, from the homepage:

    • Search for "John Stanford International" in the box that says "Register for my child's after school class"​

    • Once found and selected, click on the Register button

    • All available classes should then be shown to you

I registered but haven't seen my payment processed yet.  What's going on?

With 6Crickets, your payment will not be processed until 1 week prior to the start of class -- this is because all credit card fees and administration fees that are charged by 6Crickets is non-refundable under all circumstances.  If a class needs to be cancelled due to low enrollment, we will work with vendors to confirm this prior to all payments being processed.  As a result, to minimize issues with fees, all credit card orders will not be processed until 1 week prior to class.

I can see registration buttons and it's before 6pm -- can I sign up?

Vendors should have 6Crickets set up so that registration is not allowed until the registration time; however, if you ever notice registrations prior to the start of registration, please do not register.  We work closely with vendors and will void any registration prior to the start, in order to be fair to all families.

Can my child join a class after the session starts?

Typically, we prefer for students not to join a class late because the teachers have to re-teach the material they have already covered. If a class is not full and would like to join a class late, please email and we will ask the vendor.
*** As of Feb 2018, you will be charged a late registration fee of $25 per class per student ***

Darn I missed registration, can I still register my child?

Yes, it is possible but you will be charged a late registration fee of $25 per class per student should you decide to enroll your child after registration closes.  Please contact the ASA team to confirm availability for the class and to pay the late registration fee.  We will then help coordinate with the vendor.

Why are you charging a late registration fee?

Registering late prevents your children's new ASA session from starting smoothly, causing confusion amongst JSIS staff, teachers and our ASA vendors (which ultimately impacts your children's experience). In an effort to reduce the large number of late registrations, the ASA Team has decided to charge a $25 fee (per class per student). These fees will go towards funding future ASA scholarships.

The class I registered for was cancelled due to low enrollment.  Do I still have to pay a late registration fee to find an alternate class?

Our vendors do require minimum enrollment numbers and unfortunately, this may on occasion mean that a class is cancelled due to low enrollment.  In the event that your child's class is cancelled, you may register for another available class without having to pay a late registration fee.  Since this process would happen after registration is closed, please contact and we will work with you asap to make alternate arrangements.

Financial Aid
Do you offer financial aid?

Yes we do! More information on our financial aid page.

Is my child guaranteed a spot in the class if he/she is granted financial aid?

Financial aid should be requested prior to general enrollment.  See our financial aid page for more info. If you are granted financial aid for a class, then your spot in the class is guaranteed and the vendor will give you instructions on how to enroll your child.  An ASA team member will help with this process.

Cancellations & Refunds
Will I get my money back if I cancel a class?

If the vendor has a waitlist and can fill your spot, you will be refunded less any credit charges vendor incurred.

If the spot can not be filled, each vendor has their own policy ranging from a partial refund to a credit towards next session. The vendors are all small business owners so please keep that in mind before you register. If there is not a wait list, you can always help the vendor find another student to take the spot.

Will I get my money back if the class is cancelled due to low enrollment?

Yes you will. With the new 6Crickets system, we should know well in advance of credit card payments being processed whether or not a class needs to be cancelled; as a result, the amount of credit card processing fees should be minimized as a result of class cancellation. Classes aren't cancelled very often and all of our vendors are very fair small business owners so we hope you will not need to ask for a refund due to low enrollment.

How does my child get to the activity after school?

All children are taken to the gym after school where the ASA instructor checks the students in and takes them to the classroom.

When and where do I pick up my child?

All parents are asked to pick up their child right outside the gym (by the basketball covered area) because the doors will be locked after school.  All of the vendors will return to the gym with the students (5-7 mins after class ends) and the parent will sign their child out.  


PARENTS DO NOT PICK UP YOUR STUDENT AT THE CLASSROOM.  ALL KIDS WILL BE DELIVERED RIGHT OUTSIDE THE GYM! LSA kids will be returned to LSA. If your child has permission to walk home, please inform vendor. If you have a need to pick up your child early weekly due to schedule, please email to come up with a a plan.

Classes are 60, 75 or 90 minutes. Please confirm the end time on current daily schedule for each class and be on time or the vendor will assess a late pick up fee and may suspend enrollment for more than one late pickup. The activity provider (not the JSIS office or PTSA) are responsible to supervise students until pickup.  You can find the end time for each class on the current daily schedule.

Please plan to pick up your child 5-7 minutes after class end time, outside the gym area -- this allows vendors time to gather and bring your children.

Who do I call if I'm running late?

It's best to call the class instructor directly. They usually give you their phone numbers ahead of time. Just a heads up that activity providers will assess charges or suspend enrollment for late pickup.

Who do I notify if my child will be absent?

Please email vendor (found on current daily schedule at a glance) prior to class or the front desk so they can try to inform the vendor so that the vendor does not spend time looking for a missing student. You can find the vendor's email on the current daily schedule.

I need to pick my kid up early from each class can I do that?

Before you register, email the ASA team and we can come up with a plan. Some classes like drama require students to commit to the full schedule but others might allow a student to leave a few minutes early.  However, the doors are locked so an ongoing early pickup must be approved prior to enrollment.

It's snowing, is there still an ASA class?

Inclement weather can affect school schedules. Here's an overview of when we expect ASA classes to be held:​

Is there transportation to the boys and girls club after ASA?

No, there isn't.  We have looked into several times and neither SPS or BGC has the staffing and/or vehicles to provide transportation after JSIS ASA.

I have a good idea for a class, who do I tell?

We'd love to hear more! Look over the requirements on our vendor page and feel free to send the vendor page to any business that you think might be a good fit.

Who is in charge of ASA?

Our program is 100% volunteer run. Most schools have turned their ASA over to Parks and Rec or a Community Center- which means higher prices and fewer options.  Think you want to join our team?  Send us an email at

Who decides what classes we have for ASA?

The ASA Volunteers. If you would like to change the programming- join our team by emailing

Who helps if I have a problem?

Prior to enrollment, email the ASA team. Once the session begins, it is always best to communicate any issues with the vendor but if you aren't getting a response, email us at

What's the difference between ASA and LSA?

ASA offers enrichment classes onsite after school that run between 1-1.5 hrs. LSA offers childcare onsite before and/or after school. We do have students who take ASA and then head to LSA afterwards. Need more information? Head over to the LSA website!


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