School's closed!
Online Class Offerings

While school is closed, many of the vendors that have taught classes at JSIS will be offering online classes.  The following is a list of classes we are aware of from these vendors. Registration and questions around classes should be directed at each respective vendor.  

We will continue to update this list as we receive more information from our regular JSIS ASA vendors!


6Crickets has launched a public online marketplace to help parents find and register for live online enrichment classes from quality providers specializing in STEM, art, chess, foreign languages, debate, sewing, cooking and much more! You will find many of the vendors you have worked with at JSIS here plus others.

Smart with Art

Join us for an interactive LIVE art class, just like our after-school enrichment classes!

Supplies will be items you have around your house.  This live class is on Tuesday, 4/7 @ 2pm.


We will be learning all about PANDAS! Building our drawing skills, working with printmaking and discovering the art of collage.

Grab a friend and join us! Looking forward to creating with you all.


Owner, Amy Friedman will be leading this LIVE art class along with veteran Smart with Art instructor, Kimberly Flynn.

It's going to be 75 minutes of fun filled creativity, we hope you can join us!

Mode Music

Offering our first set of video group classes with instructors from Seattle and LA.  6 classes for $90 from ukulele, scene study, ballet, vocal lessons and more!

Piano Playground

The piano lessons will be held online, from our studio to your home!   The duration is 30-minutes and held once weekly; each lesson is $40.   A weekly day/time can be set up directly with our instructor.   If you're not sure this format will work well for your child, try out one lesson to check it out!    We have many students currently enrolled in online piano lessons who are thriving.
Piano Playground offers fun and engaging piano lessons, available in either a private lesson format (1 student).  Students learn note-reading from the grand staff, music theory, rhythm and ear training, musical expression, healthy technique, and creative composition in an interactive and exciting format. Students especially enjoy learning songs that they choose, as well as popular hits by Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Imagine Dragon and themes from Star Wars, Mission Impossible, Hamilton and other popular shows. The lessons combine traditional methods with innovative activities that keep students self-motivated and inspired to learn more.The partnered lessons are most ideal for beginner students.


These piano lessons are for beginner and intermediate level students.   Absolute beginners are welcome too!  At least a keyboard will be needed, and a video chat program like Skype, Facetime, Messenger, Google Hangouts or another program where students and teachers can see other and their keyboards.  Internet connection is needed.

Seattle Magic Academy

We are offering an online interactive magic course through Zoom video! I will deliver the magic course materials to your homes, with each week's tricks and secret file folders in a separate envelope to be opened during each class.

Registrations are open now, and classes will be every Friday for 8 weeks starting April 3rd from 1:45PM-3PM. We will be offering the same coursework and magic materials that we offer in our regular classes, but for a substantial discount. The price for the class will be $208.88, but we have a special 10% off coupon code that is good through Wednesday March 25th, bringing the price down to $188 (well, actually $187.99, but we like the number 8). If school does go back into session in late April (which is kind of looking doubtful), we will adjust the time to be after-school time, and work with the school to see about bringing it back in-person.

This will be the same Green Wand course that was going to be held in spring for JSIS (we have 4 different color wand courses, all with different magic tricks). I am also offering some of my other wand courses in public classes, but this Green Wand course will be only for JSIS students, so the kids can interact with their friends.

The 10% off coupon code is JSIS10. It is good through Wednesday, March 25. Registration closes the end of day Tuesday, March 31, so I can get the materials to you before the first class.

Seattle's Performers

​We are thrilled to be able to offer some of our classes and productions online!!

  • Honk JR. Production (LIMITED TO 16 PARTICIPANTS ONLY) MWF 3:30-5:30pm (10-12 weeks online rehearsals with 2 weeks of in person rehearsals in June) Cost of class includes script, costume, tickets to performances (planning to invite family only) and a recording that can be shared with family afar.


  • IMPROV/INTRO TO ACTING Th 3:30-5:30pm Students will participate in virtual theatre games, improv exercises and begin delving into monologues.


  • TAP DANCE Sundays 5-6pm.  Students will learn the techniques and fundamentals of tap, and will apply those to a final choreographed number.


  • PROPS/STAGE MAKEUP/COSTUMES Tuesdays 3:30-5:30pm Students will learn basic sewing techniques, makeup design, and create props for our upcoming production of Honk JR. Materials are included, and will be sent to families!

Little Hands Creations

Currently offering sewing machine and project rentals as well as offering small group sewing parties and camps, both at their studio space and willing to come to your home.  Currently working hard to put together a Zoom class as well, stay tuned. 

Pokemon Club

An online club dedicated to teaching the Pokemon Card Game. Pokemon club teaches kids the basic rules and strategies of the card game, focusing on competitive games and online tournaments.

Club meets on Thursdays from 2:30pm-4:10pm. Spring session is 4 classes: April 2, 9, 23, 30

Creative Coding

Offering all after school classes and camps in a LIVE online format.  New classes being added daily. 

Kong Academy

1-hour live Parkour lessons via Zoom for groups of 3 to 5 students. One of our coaches will teach a live lesson that does not require parkour equipment. They will demonstrate safe, at-home activities and then watch and guide the kids in their movement practice.  Coaches will be able to give them immediate feedback. Each participant will get a link to follow zoom virtually. Price: $150/child for one week of virtual instruction (1hr/day) plus activities to practice in between lessons! 

Also, our new private Facebook Group will contain self-study instructional videos that teach parkour moves and fun games. Length of the videos varies between a few minutes and one hour. Our coaches teach a variety of parkour movements, games and obstacle courses for kids to follow and to recreate after the session to keep your child busy for 20min - 2 hours.  Price: $25/week (all currently enrolled after-school parents will get access for free while schools are closed!!)​ Visit the KA Movers Group 

Lastly, a Kong Academy coach, live on FB, to share fun games and movements -- LIVE daily at 1:30pm on the Kong Academy FB Page

The Sprouting Image

Offering a 5 week virtual photography class, Mar 30 - Apr 27, from 2-3pm online!

Over the 5 week period, we learn about why people create photos, the science of how cameras work-including taking apart film and digital cameras, learning about focal lengths and lenses, and many guided and independent experiments and photography projects.

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