DO NOT request financial aid before priority placement date above. ASA will disregard all submissions prior to those dates.  Thanks for understanding.
Do you offer financial aid?

YES! There are 2 levels of financial aid but everyone must pay something:

  • 100% financial aid -- but you will pay $20 to ASA to fund future financial aid, OR

  • 50% financial aid -- you pay the other 50% directly to the vendor.

Can I ask for two 50% tuition packages to get 100% tuition covered each session? 


It's a nice thought but no you can't.  The goal is to provide financial aid to as many as possible and if you have some ability to pay, we ask that you request 50% financial aid so that we can award the other 1/2 to another student. 

When can I apply for financial aid?


We accept applications normally about 3 weeks prior to general enrollment.  The schedule for the enrollment will be announced in the general school newsletters as well as in the various school websites including the ASA website.  The submission date of each application is irrelevant in the evaluation process.  We will only consider the applications of which we receive during the enrollment week.




What is the criteria for receiving financial aid?

We work on the honor system so we assume if you are asking for financial aid, you need it. Our goal is for the enrichment classes to be accessible to all students and every vendor has agreed to provide financial aid equivalent to at least one class spot.  ASA also funds as many spots as possible from the $20 collected from full tuitions awarded.


How much financial can my student get?

Students are allowed to receive one package per session.  Students can continue to apply for more financial aid in the subsequent sessions in the same school year, but not for the same class.  Students will become eligible to apply for the class they took in the prior years when the new school year starts.


Please only request financial aid if you need one. If you have some ability to pay, please request 50% tuition so we can offer reduced tuition spots to more students.  


Note: While piano classes take place throughout the week, however, financial aid is only granted for one tuition spot for the whole session.  Please indicate the day of the week you are requesting.

My child loved a class, can he/she get financial aid for the same class next session?


You can’t get financial aid for the same class twice in the same school year.  This policy is in place so that we can offer new students a chance to try out new classes.   However, this restriction expires at the end of the school year. This means you can apply for financial aid for the same class again in following school years.  In a rare occurrence, we may consider providing financial aid for the same class if no one else has shown an interest.  We will post the available spots after the first round of review on the website.

How do I apply for financial aid

If you would like to request for financial aid, please fill out this form. Submissions are only accepted during enrollment dates that are announced.

Can I contact vendors directly to see if they can offer more financial aid for my child?


No, we respectfully ask that ALL financial aid requests are made through ASA. If you contact a vendor directly, we reserve the right to not award your child financial aid for the current school year. Please follow the new process of requesting financial aid with this form.


How is financial aid awarded? Who decides what child gets which class?


The ASA team is responsible for awarding financial aid.  Although our goal is to provide financial aid to as many as possible, we can’t guarantee that all of the seekers will get one.  We strive to fulfill each and every one of candidates’ requests while being fair for all of the applicants.  We look into the following points to select qualified recipients:

  • Does your child enroll in the reduced lunch program?

    • Students who are eligible for the program get the first consideration.

  • Has your child received any financial aid in the given school year?

  • How many classes did you put down in the form?  

    • The more classes you select, the higher chance to be awarded.

  • The type of financial aid you requested.

  • Is your child going to LSA on the day of the class?

    • Students who are not in LSA take precedent to be attentive for the parents who seek after-school care program on that given day. 


To increase your chance to receive financial aid:


  • Please submit an application by a deadline.

  • List at least 3 classes that your child would like to take.  Be flexible in class/day of the week, etc. If you list only one class, your request will be considered last.

  • Request 50% financial aid if you are able.

  • Do not request a class that your child has already received financial aid for the given school year.

  • Disclose any financial aid you have been awarded in that school year.  Failure to do so will place your request in the last of application listing.

  • Do NOT contact vendors directly for a free class.  Such misconduct may result in withdrawing from the financial aid program.

  • Pay your $20  fee promptly to secure your awarded spot.



I have more questions, who can I reach out to? 

Our ASA Team is available to help via email at




Financial Aid Spring 2020

    Requests accepted     

Feb 3-9, 2020

for priority placement

We are no longer accepting financial aid requests

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