Hello vendor!

Interested in joining JSIS After School Activities?

Making Vendor and/or Activity Suggestions

The ASA committee welcomes your suggestions for new vendors and offerings to our program. We request that you first consider the following before submitting a request:

  • Vendors must have a business license and appropriate insurance coverage, and be willing to meet a number of other requirements, including waiving tuition for a parent volunteer and providing a scholarship offering.  

  • Our committee is small, so please include in your suggestion an already-researched vendor option. You may be asked to arrange a school visit for the potential vendor and to help secure contract signatures.

  • The process of training a new vendor on our requirements and school processes is not a small task, so we prefer vendors with multiple offerings, or who will be popular enough to repeat programs annually.

  • Does the class have an audience?  We have classes that are attractive in theory, but end up not getting the enrollment necessary.  A strong suggestion will have already been vetted with other parents who believe they would enroll a student in the class.

  • Are you willing to serve as the weekly Parent Volunteer to help a first-time offering succeed? 

Note:  Due to the current number of classrooms at our school, our physical activity offerings are more limited than they have been in the past. 

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